Where next?

So it’s that time of year when I start planning what to do for the rest of the year (kind of). There’s still so many different places I haven’t been to yet, and that doesn’t even include going outside of the UK! Last year I made multiple trips to Nottingham, Arnside and the Lake District.

One of my favourite places last year was Derwent Water, near Keswick in the Lake District, it’s such a pleasant place to get away from every day life. Although it’s quite a trek on public transport. An hour long train journey from Burnley to Preston, another hour or so from Preston to Penrith, then another hour on a bus from Penrith to Keswick. But definitely worth it! It probably has some of the best landscape views I’ve ever seen (in person) and I’m probably going to go again at some point this year – I’ve only got round half of the lake after 2 separate trips!

Anyway, on to the subject of this post – Where next? So this Friday I head back to Nottingham for the 6th or 7th time in 14 months – more than any other place I’ve visited (without working there). I’m not sure what it is about that place but I keep finding myself back there. It’s a lovely city with so much variety and things to do and see. This time my main reason for going is the hockey weekend. Two Panthers home games in a row followed by a Nottingham Lions game in the evening against another team I always enjoy watching at Blackburn – Whitley Warriors.

There has been quite a few negative comments about the on-ice performance of Panthers in the last couple of months, so I guess I’ll see for myself this weekend. 

I’m also staying there on Monday too, but I’m looking at getting up to Mansfield because it’s closer to Sherwood Forest so hopefully the weather is good for me to go and have a look round with my camera. I’ve not really done any photography for awhile because of the weather and work, it would be nice to get a day out to explore before heading back to Burnley on Tuesday.

After this weekend I have no other plans until the start of April, I’ve booked tickets to go and see Evanescence, I started listening to them 15 years ago and never had a chance to see them live, so I’ve sacrificed this years Playoffs to go see them in Nottingham. I’ve seen plenty of ice hockey games in the past 2 years, 76 in 2016 and 80 in 2017. So missing another hockey weekend won’t be too bad. This year is going to be about trying new things and new experiences.

That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading!

  • Shane

The Quiet Period

It’s that time of the year when there isn’t much going on in the hockey world. Games are fewer and further apart. Fans go off to live their lives and enjoy the summer. I’ve personally continued to follow the rec teams in Blackburn, although I decided to take a break from away games until the Summer Classic final on 20th August and the two Nottingham Panthers CHL games after that, one of them is vs SC Bern. Should be a good start to next season. 

Hawks have already announced a few returning players like Captain Lomax and Pointsman Riddoch, as well as some ex-Phoenix players bringing some EPL experience to the nest. Is it a Statement of Intent? Or are all the teams stepping up for the more competitive league? We’ll have to wait and see. Plenty of time to find out yet, many teams have been quiet with no announcements.. 

There’s still many questions to be answered too. Who will be playing for the Hawks Academy team? Will there be an entry discount for season ticket holders to U25 games? Who else is returning for the next season? Will we be aiming at a top 4 finish or settle for a playoff spot? 

A little under 3 months to go! 

Post-season Hockey Continues! 

It’s been an up and down weekend of hockey in Blackburn. On Saturday the Junior Hawks played our north west rivals Whitley Bay and finished with a remarkable 10-10 scoreline. All the kids looked like they were enjoying theirself on the ice so that’s the most important part of it really.

Blackburn Thunder Ladies had a late start due to the juniors game going on longer than expected. They had a good start, I think they improved a lot over the last few games. The first two periods were uneventful leaving the ice at 0-0 after the 2nd period. They eventually got the first goal of the game to take the 1-0 lead. Unfortunately they were unable to hold on to the lead when Solway Sharks Ladies managed to get two consecutive goals towards the end of the game. Both sides played really well throughout and the points could’ve gone to either side at the end. 

Blackburn Thunder are next at home when they play Telford Wrekin Raiders on May 7th at 6pm.

Then  we come to Sunday. Arrived at the Arena in time to catch the end of the Juniors game, I can’t remember what the score was but I believe Solihull won that game. 

The game I intented to watch was Wyre Seagulls vs Sheffield Ice Tigers. Which again was delayed because of the juniors game. A fast and physical game right from the beginning and Seagulls looked like the better side in the 1st period going into the break with a 3-1 lead. The 2nd period saw the Seagulls play around 6 minutes of powerplays but they couldn’t capitalise on the chances. Ice Tigers returned to full strength and pulled two goals back in the 2nd to make it 3-3. 

Going into the 3rd period it was anyones game to win or lose. Both sides taking various penalties but Seagulls managed to get the puck in the net with 06:03 remaining on the clock, and held the lead for the remainder of the game. 

A great end to end game to watch on a Sunday evening, well done to everyone involved and thanks to the extra faces in the crowd for joining us! 

Wyre Seagulls are next at home on May 6th when they play Riverside Raiders in the Ice Hockey Summer Classic at 6pm.

I’m taking a weekend off from hockey next week but I believe the Junior Hawks Under 18s are in action next Saturday so if you fancy a hockey fix, head down to Blackburn Ice Arena to see the Future Hawks play their last game of the season! 

Thank you for reading and have a good week!

– Shane